Pre Press
Softwares: Esko, Adobe, CorelDraw.
Proofer: Epson 7900 Stylus Pro
Plate Making: Computer to Plate (CTP) Machine and PS Plate Making machines.

  • Heidelberg CD 102 LX - 6 Colour + Coater
    This machine is equipped with Intradeck UV and Full UV capabilities
Size: 28” x 40”
  • Manroland 505 LV - 5 Colour + Coater

Size: 23” x 28”

  • Heidelberg 2 colour   
    This machine has UV capabilities

Size: 20” x 28”

Post Press and Finishing
  • BOBST 102E Automatic Punching Machine
  • BOBST 900 Automatic Punching Machine
  • Two Automatic Foil Stamping machine (converted Heidelberg Cylinder)
  • Automatic High Speed UV Varnishing machine.
  • Five hand fed Punching machine.
  • One Hand - Fed Foil Stamping Machine
  • Two Lamination machines.
  • Three Automatic Folder Gluer (BOBST and ACME) (carton pasting machine) with PUR pasting system for plastics.
  • Automatic Die Cutting machine for Labels
  • Nano Print Plus Semi Automatic Screen printing machine.
  • Pratham Pharma Insert Folding Machine (6 Cross + 6 Parallel Folds)

     Three Program Cutting Guillotine Machines

     We have 2 units located in Mahape, Navi Mumbai, having more than 30,000 Sq. Ft. Area.
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