Quality Assurance
We have set a high benchmark for our own Quality requirements, to ensure not only satisfaction to our customers but also to be recognised internationally.

We are in compliance with the following quality standards that are applicable to our industry.      (Click on the Images to have a Larger View)

British Retail Consortium – Institute of Packaging Packaging Standard 9000 ISO 9001:2008

Having  a complete system of Quality Control and Assurance with a dedicated team of trained personnel.

All Material is checked for quality at the time of entering the factory, at every indermediary stage and at the time of leaving as Finished Goods. We are Constantly to upgrading procedures and forming new methods of error prevention.

Quality Control Equipment
  • Kurandt inline Folder-Gluer checking system for folding cartons.
  • Color Densitometer and Spectrometer.
  • Glosso-meter
  • GSM Checking Machine.
  • Bulk / Caliper checking instrument.
  • Laboratory Hot Air Oven.
  • Scuff Proof Rub Resistance Tester.
  • Desiccators.
  • Lamination Peel Tester       
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